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50 Dead in tribal war in Central Somalia

MUQDISHU (SD)-The latest detailed reports indicate casualties and injuries resulting from a prolonged clan conflict that erupted yesterday between the towns of Abudwak and Herale in Galgadud region.

The confirmed casualties from this clan conflict are reported to be more than 50 fatalities and over 60 wounded, involving clashes between rival militia groups in Galgadud.

Various injured individuals were rushed to hospitals in Abudwak and Herale, and Cadaado, all located in Galgaduud region. This conflict marks one of the deadliest clashes in recent times in the central regions of the country.

The conflict involved armed groups from the Mareexaan and Dir clans and stems from longstanding tribal animosities between the two sides, with concerns rising over a potential escalation today.

Both the Galmudug administration and the Federal Government have issued calls for the Dir and Marehan clans engaged in the conflict to cease hostilities immediately, with efforts underway to resolve underlying issues through dialogue.

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