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Somaliland President defends MoU with Ethiopia

HARGEISA (SD)-The President of Somaliland, today delivered the annual speech to the parliament, staunchly defending the maritime agreement with Ethiopia.

President Bihi stated that the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland reached on January 1st of this year, is a “historic milestone” that signifies “equality between two countries, one gaining recognition and the other a naval base.”

He criticized the Federal Government in Mogadishu for opposing Somaliland’s recognition, forcing them to turn to other countries.”

He also emphasized that any country willing to engage with Somaliland in constructive dialogue and mutual respect is welcome.

The President’s remarks come at a time when Somaliland has announced the agreement will be finalized within two months, amidst diplomatic tensions and backlash following the signing.

The maritime agreement, signed on January 1, 2024, between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Somaliland President Muse Bihi, has sparked significant domestic and international condemnation, especially after facing strong opposition from the Federal Government of Somalia.

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