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A 66-year-old Somali man convicted of brutally killing his wife in London

London (SD) – a 66-year-old Somali man, has been found guilty of the brutal killing his wife in a north London court.

Hussein Egal a London bus driver committed the murder in April last year in Edmonton, north London, over COVID-19 isolation dispute.

Maryan Ismail, 57, worked as a cleaner at a school in the neighborhood where she was killed.

The killer confessed to a man he saw at a near by Mall, leading to a quick call to the police.

Egal confessed to police officers who arrived at his residence “I killed her yesterday morning.”

The North London Police Service told the court that the man used knives, pots and pans to stab the victim to death, with 68 identified wounds on her body.

“Maryan had suffered extensive injuries and the turmoil and disorder in the flat showed there had been a considerable disturbance.

North London Police also told the court that “Egal claimed he was defending himself, but there was no indication of him suffering any injuries.”

The court also heard, when he told his wife he tested positive for COVID-19, she told him to get out and die on the street, responding to her: “I will kill you first.”

Detective Sergeant Lucy Carberry added “This was a wanton act of violence, carried out with sheer ferocity. “It is important, particularly in the current climate with isolation and periods of lockdown that all of us do everything we can to stop domestic violence.”

Hussein Egal, who was convicted of murdering his wife, will be sentenced on Friday.

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