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Vacate office in order to hold free and fair election, opposition tells Famajo

MOGADISHU (SD) – President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo must hand over the power to a Transitional Council, the opposition in Somalia has said, in what seems to be full support for the remarks of Puntland leader.

In a two-page statement, the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) Wednesday blamed the president for trying to extend his term.

Farmajo has shown his true intent which is that he does not want to conduct a free and fair election in Somalia and the only option he could stay in office was through a political deal with FMS and other stakeholders,” the statement reads in part.

The opposition also demanded the removal of the SNA, spy, and police chiefs, accusing them of involving in attacks against opposition presidential candidates.

Independent probe

“The military, intelligence, and police chiefs must resign as they were involved in attacks against opposition presidential candidates and the commanders sign a written declaration that they would not be involved in politics,” the opposition said.

The statement further asked for an independent investigation into last Friday’s incident, accusing president Farmajo of directing the country’s elite forces to attack presidential candidates and protesters.

“Independent investigation must be carried out on the attack on the hotel where the former presidents were staying and also the attack where the demonstrators who included civilians and opposition leaders were shot at,” the opposition leaders demanded.

Prior call

Puntland state in northeastern Somalia on Tuesday tabled demands in order for talks with President Mohamed Farmajo to resume.

Noting it was committed to implementing the September 17 agreement and proposals raised by the joint technical committee mid this month, the state said circumstances had now changed, which called for arrangements to ensure these pacts are safeguarded.

Key among the conditions is a demand that Farmaajo partly relinquishes authority as head of state to ‘built trust’ among stakeholders.

“To address the constitutional crisis, President Farmajo must sign a decree limiting executive and legislative powers of the presidency and the parliament, as well as nullifying all legislation approved by the parliament after 27 December 2020, as well as any executive orders issued by the president after 8 February 2021,” the statement read in part.

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