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A Medical shipment from Somali government causes Dispute in Badhan

Badhan (SD) – A plane loaded with medical supplies at Mogadishu airport for the Sanag region has been delayed, due to disagreements among locals, according to officials in Badhan.

Reports indicate that the plane was due to arrive yesterday but didn’t due to Puntland authorities refusal but traditional leaders reportedly resolved the dispute.

The Somali federal government sectioned Plane carrying the medical aid is expected to arrive Badhan tomorrow and is expected to cause further divisions among the population.

Badhan, much like the other eastern Somaliland region suffers political divisions, there are Somaliland, Somalia and Puntland supporters in the region, which the feds are trying to exploit.

A similar plane landed in Buhodle, yet another hotspot, delivering medical supplies to one of the three administrations there, its not clear how and who would distribute the supplies.

The Somaliland government recently dismissed the efforts as not their responsibility nor is it expected to.

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