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In her about three decades of Independence the Republic of Somaliland has distinguished herself as a model African states with her leadership structure coordinates to suit the aspirations of her citizens yearning for a self reliant and Greater Somaliland.

In felicitation with this great nation the African Youth Parliament shares in the goal, objective and aspirations of this accommodating, friendly,self sustainable and quintessential African state. We have first hand experience of the human, material and capital resources embedded in the Republic of Somaliland which forms the Crux of our campaign for her political recognition by the African Union and other commity of States.

We proudly affirm our solidarity with the Republic of Somaliland and commend the quintessential Administration of His Excellency Muse Abdi Bihi whose landmarking achievements in soaring the Republic of Somaliland remains unwavering.

The African Youth Parliament joins other well meaning individuals, bodies, organizations and governments to felicitate with the Republic of Somaliland on the 29th Anniversary of restoration of her Independence celebrating consistent democracy and political stability, we are optimistic that the rightful positioning of Somaliland and her citizens in the international scene remains uncompromising.

Rt. Hon. Bamikole Oladele Babs
Distinguished Speaker, African Youth Parliament

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