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A newborn child was found abandoned in Qatari Airport

Doha (SD) – Doha International Airport was dealing with and investigating unprecedented incident in the Airport- after innocent newborn infant left in the Bathroom near trash can in the Airport.

The discovery of the infant caused very strong investigation that result outrageous and frustration of all women investigated to be the suspect recently given birth and dumped the child in the Airport.

Dozens of women were parts of the investigation- where at least thirteen Australian women felt like insulting and transgressed their own rights and dignities indeed.

The Australian Prime Minister deeply denounced the incident and call it “as appalling and unacceptable”

Women investigated felt suffering very unnecessary sexual assault against them.

Finally the authority of Qatar found the lady left her baby in the Airport and if she found guilty- she will face a prison of at least fifteen years.

The mother of the Infant only said to be Asian- but it seems to be a wrong plan of letting the child to be fostered by petroleum rich Nation.

The incident was shocking to the International Communities and Women underwent investigation of checking whether they were given birth of child recently or not.

Those Women suffered such trauma of being checked will have entitle compensation of direct offence or sexual assault.

As it is very difficult to carry out such terrible investigation- though the mother of the Newborn child caught and be punished if found guilty.

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