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A raging fire spreads in the mountainous region of Sanaag

ERIGAVO (SD) – A large fire broke out in the mountainous region in Sanaag region yesterday, and the forests and trees in the area are still burning out of control.

In this mountainous area in northern Sanaag region, there is very little and weak response to the raging fire.

The real damage of the fire is unknown, and no casualties have been reported so far, but images from the area showed burning forests and the effects of the fire growing.

Somaliland officials who arrived at the scene met with residents, but offered any support and have not taken any meaningful action so far.

This burning land is the richest in resources and is the most fertile farming region in the whole country and the fire is likely to spread to other regions.

The Somaliland government has so far not commented on the massive fire that is spreading in Gaacidh.

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