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A Somali Soldier sentenced to death for killing a civilian

Mogadishu January 15, 2023 (SD) – The Military Court in Somalia sentenced a soldier to death by firing squad for killing a civilian in the Xamarweyne district of the Banadir region.

The court stated that the soldier, who was a member of the regional force, intentionally shot and killed the deceased Abubakar Mohamed Nurani for just five thousand Somali shillings.

The murder occurred on the 10th of this month in the Xamarweyne district, and the soldier was immediately arrested by security forces.

Some of the family members of the deceased Abubakar Mohamed Nurani had previously called for the soldier to be brought to justice for the murder, and today the soldier was finally sentenced to death.

The Somali government’s security forces have been accused of committing similar crimes against civilians in the past, and many blame this on the lack of discipline and poor reputation of the Somali military.

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