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Ahmed Madobe is on an unexplained visit to Djibouti

Djibouti January 15, 2023 (SD) – The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, today received at the Presidential Palace the President of Jubaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, and his delegation who are visiting Djibouti.

President Ahmed Madoobe thanked the government and the people of Djibouti for their brotherly support for the government and the people of Somalia.

In turn, President Guelleh of Djibouti thanked President Ahmed Mohamed Islam of Jubaland and his delegation for their historic visit to Djibouti.

The two presidents discussed various forms of support that the government of Djibouti provides to the Somali people and cooperation in areas of development and security.

The purpose of the visit of the President of Jubaland to Djibouti has not been disclosed, leading many to speculate. The two leaders met in Mogadishu just a couple of weeks ago.

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