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A Somali woman becomes a member of the Norwegian parliament

Oslo (SD) – Mayan Abdi Hussein, a Somali woman, became the first African-Muslim elected to the Norwegian parliament.

After her victory, Maryan said she entered politics to help the black community in Norway, especially the Somalis.
Now that Mayan Abdi Hussein is a member of the Norwegian Parliament she will do more to address the plight of Somalis and Africans living in that country.

“I got into politics when I saw that our society needs to win in politics and that there is a need for us to be visible in this country,” said Mayan Abdi Hussein.

Maryan Abdi Hussein has been elected as a municipality in Oslo with a large Somali population.
Her left-wing socialist party is supported by many Somali-Norwegian citizens.

Many Somalis, including politicians, academics and other social media users, congratulated Maryam on her win.
Former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire lived in Norway for a long time, was among those who congratulated Maryam Abdi Hussein on her win.

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