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A students allege University of Hargeisa revoked their scholarships

Hargeisa (SD) – An estimated 62 students from all regions of Somaliland who previously received scholarships from the University of Hargeisa, said the university has withdrawn their admissions.

The students who were protesting in front of the University say their free education have been swindled with the university administration telling them to pay tuition if they wanted to be admitted to the university.

“ if we failed, misbehaved or rejected for any other reason we would’ve excepted the decision, but it is unfortunate that we have been left out of the list for Saturday’s exams,” said one students.

Waddani party social affairs secretary Mohamed Sadiq Dhame, who met with the protesting students, called on the Somaliland president to intervene in the students’ grievances.

“Mr. President, the students you have sworn to lead, have been wronged by your appointed minister and the University of Hargeisa. They were told they will be given a scholarship if they pass the admission test” said Mr. Dhame.

The students, who came from all regions of Somaliland, had previously received scholarships from the university of Hargeisa, and said their scholarships offer had been withdrawn by the university a day before the entrance exams.

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