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ISIS displays troops in Puntland’s Bari region

Bossaso (SD) – The official ISIS media in Somalia, published photos of their fighters and officers in unidentified area of Puntland.

During the Eid season ISIS is know to perform military exercises in the mountainous Bari region, demonstrating their military prowess and weaponry.

According to the official ISIS media, the pictures showed the group’s fighters and their officers exercising in the undisclosed location.

The move comes days after Puntland said it had destroyed ISIS bases in the Bari region following a two-week operation.

Puntland Security Minister Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan claimed their security forces have killed most of the ISIS fighters and cleared their territory.

These new image of the militants shows that ISIS is still present in the Bari region of Puntland and still has military capability.

The Puntland regional administration has not yet commented on the images released by the ISIS fighters.

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