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Abaarso Network responds to Recent Allegations of Missionary work

Hargeisa (SD) – The management of Abaarso network, an umbrella organization managing Abaarso School and Barwaaqo University, spoke about the allegations leveled against the School and the University in recent days.

In a released statement the Umbrella Network specifically addressed Barwaaqo University President Ms. Joy Isa, accused of proselytizing in the Muslim country.

The management of Abaarso Network, said that the woman did not violate their employment contract, including respecting the school’s policy and work ethic, which prohibits her personal or religious beliefs from being shared with her students or staff.

According to the administration, their school and university have been visited several times by government officials and have spoken directly to students and staff. Leaders are always allowed to come and interview students and their parents.

Abaarso Network did not address reports from local media that confirmed her leaving the country yesterday.


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