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PM Roble appoints committee of ministers over AMISOM killings

Mogadishu (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble in response to the killing of civilians by AMISOM forces in Golweyn, Lower Shabelle region, summoned the Ugandan Ambassador and the AMISOM Command, and appointed a Ministerial Committee to investigate the tragic incident.

PM Robe underlined that the Somali government is deeply saddened by the killing of civilians, adding that it is unacceptable to persecute Somali citizens.

“It was really ugly and we, the Somali government, are deeply saddened. I was visited by the Ambassador of Uganda and the Commander of the Sector, who came here to offer their condolences and I told them, I tell the Somali people and I repeat, we will never accept and we do not want the Somali people to be harmed, whether it is AMISOM or Somali troops, we are ready to stand up for them and we have been given the responsibility to stand up for their rights.” Prime Minister Roble said.

The Prime Minister offered his condolences to the parents of the victims.

“I have appointed a committee of Ministers, the Minister of Security, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Justice who will meet here tomorrow with the Ambassador and the AMISOM Command, and they will talk about it. Insha Allah, I want it to be investigated, and provide the results, as soon as possible. The ambassador and the commander told me that the perpetrators were in custody. They are being prosecuted, so we will follow up and report back to you. ” Said the Prime Minister, His Excellency Mohamed Hussein Roble.

AMSIOM killed seven people in Golweyn on August 10,2021, then detonated a landmine, leaving their bodies mutilated, according to relatives of the victims.

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