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Abdi Hashi and Hassan Sheikh oppose Farmajo postponing the constitutional review

Mogadishu (SD) – Speaker of Somalia’s Upper House Abdi Hashi, calls a law delaying approval of Amendments to Provisional Constitution, signed by President Farmajo today illegal.

Farmajo signed the agreement on the grounds that the election season is approaching and the term of the 10th Parliament is coming to an end, and the term of the 11th Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia begins, according to a statement from Villa Somalia.

A statement from President Farmajo’s office said, “Without undermining Article 136 of the Provisional Constitution, the President has postponed the approval of the constitutional review and submitted to the 11th Parliament a draft prepared by the Independent Constitutional Review Commission, and approved by the SFP Oversight Committee, along with a detailed report, the process of approving the Provisional Constitution and the 3rd draft of the Provisional Constitution, to be completed and approved by the 11th Parliament. ”

Abdi Hashi accused the President of taking a step today that threatens the very existence of the Constitutional Institutions, adding the law the president signed today violates the Constitution.

“Every decision on constitutional review is the sole responsibility of both Houses of the Federal Parliament, in accordance with Article 63 (A) and Article 71 (A) of the Provisional Constitution and the constitutional process set out in Chapter 15 of the Provisional Constitution, ”said a statement issued by Chairman Abdi Hashi.

Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who also strongly opposed President Farmajo’s decree, said the president had violated his legitimacy and that of parliament, adding the move is introducing a new dictatorship.

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