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Djibouti to send fact finding mission to Somalia-Kenya border

DJIBOUTI (SD) – Djibouti delegation will visit Kenya-Somalia border to assess the situation amid reports confirming presence of heavy military in Both Beled-Hawa and Mandera of Somalia and Kenya respectively.

Speaking to the media, Djibouti foreign minister, Mohmoud Ali Yossouf said a fact finding mission will jet off from Djibouti on Friday.

The minister said the mission’s travel has come as a result of this week’ IGAD leadership meeting in Djibouti

“We have been asked by IGAD to send officials to Somalia and Kenya, who will be assessing the situation. They will travel to Somalia on Friday,” he said. “The delegation will meet authorities in Beled-Hawa town and evaluate the situation, then they will cross the border into Kenya for further assessment,” he said.

Somalia and Kenya have been trading accusations for the last two weeks as the relations between the two countries soared.

Sources confirmed that governments of Kenya and Somalia have been mobilising military soldiers at the border, a move that could rise the boiling point of their diplomatic relationship.

Following Somalia’s protest letter to IGAD, the bloc held summit in Djibouti on Sunday to deliberate the diplomatic raw between Somalia and Kenya.

According to Somali foreign ministry, IGAD leaders agreed to send fact finding committee to the border of the countries and urged both Somalia and Kenya to scale down the tension.

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