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Actor arrested in Hargeisa for a Drama on run away inflation

Hargeisa (SD) – Idris Ilig, popularly known as Sayid Barakaysan, a young actor based in Hargeisa, was arrested today after recently staging a drama deemed to be against the government of President Bihi.

The alleged anti-government drama causing the arrest of the actor reflects on a rising living standards and inflation in Somaliland, suggests that neither the ministers nor the president of Somaliland are willing to address.

Somaliland lawmaker Mohamed Abib has criticized the government’s arrest of the actor, adding relevant authorities will be summoned to the House of Representatives for questioning.

“We strongly condemn all imprisonment, because the laws and regulations of the country guarantee that the public can speak, through drama, poetry and so on.” Said MP Abib.

Somaliland security forces or the actor’s family have not yet commented on his arrest, despite his arrest been widely reported in the media.

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