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Actor Comedian Sooraan dies in Burao

Burao (SD) – One of the most popular comedian/ actor in the history of modern Somali art, Sooraan Ismail Sugulle has died in Burao after a long illness.

The Actor/comedian got Infected with COVID-19 after he returned from a trip to Djibouti were he participated in the re-election of President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

Sooraan was famous for public awareness short film, he often acted with the poet Jawaan and his friends.

The actor was admitted to a hospital in Burao on May 16, where he died today.

In recent days, there have been mixed reports on his health with some saying that the actor was recovering from the infection.

Sooraan is one of the most popular comedians in Somali art industry, and is known for his short dramas and TV series.

Authorities in all parts of Somali regions of East Africa have expressed and sent their condolences to all Somalis.

Comedian Sooraan is survived by two wives and three children.

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