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UCID concludes their election campaign

Hargeisa (SD) – Speaking to thousands of supporters at the Freedom Park in Hargeisa, UCID chairman Faisal Ali Warabe called for a halt to talks between Somaliland and the Somali government.

Chairman Faisal and UCID supporters spent the last day of their election campaign in several cities across the country.

The chairman said this at the UCID party’s rally in Hargeisa for the local council and parliamentary elections campaign held at Hargeisa.

Faisal Ali Warabe reiterated that the Somali government has benefited from the talks while the issue of Somaliland’s recognition suffered a set back.

“We believe that Somalia’s talks should be suspended. It was a mistake in the first place. They took advantage of the talks and we lost.” he said.

Adding “We have legitimized non-existent governments to the world and they have taken advantage of it, it destroyed gains made with ” Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh”.

The Chairman said the first motion to be presented to the new parliament will be to suspend the Somalia and Somaliland talks.

“When the new parliament sits, the first agenda is to stop the talks and to deal with the world directly,” he said.

Chairman Faisal, who has previously advocated and attended several talks between Somaliland and the Somali government, is now campaigning for a complete halt to the talks.

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