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‘Afar-Somali conflict’ in the western Sitti region of Ethiopia spreads to Djibouti city

Djibouti (SD) – The government of Djibouti has strongly condemned the recent violence in parts of the capital of the Republic of Djibouti between the Somali and Afar ethnic groups.

Reports say people have been killed and others injured, although the exact number of casualties in the clashes are unknown.

Police and security forces in Djibouti could be seen dispersing rioters with tear gas.

The rioters were also seen burning houses and throwing stones and other objects at police in the capital.

Djibouti’s Interior Minister Said Nuh Hassan, speaking to the media last night, responded strongly to the riots in some parts of the capital, saying the clashes in Djibouti were intolerable.

“Today, a serious incident has occurred. The burning of civilian houses is not something that the government will tolerate,” said Minister Said Nuh Hassan.

Djibouti’s Interior Minister Said Nuh Hassan has appealed to the people of Djibouti, especially parents, saying that from now on, the government will crack down on those who inciting violence.

“I would like to inform parents to keep their children at home because the government will take a hard line from now on in securing the capital.” Said minister Nuh.

The clashes erupted weeks ago in the Sitti area of Ethiopia, where hundreds of people were killed by both gunmen from both ethnic groups.


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