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AFRICOM airstrike targets Al Shabaab compound in Somalia

Mogadishu July 20, 2023 (SD) -The United States government has confirmed a recent airstrike targeting a terrorist compound in the Galgaduud region of central Somalia. The airstrike was carried out by U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) and resulted in the elimination of a significant al-Shabaab presence in the area.

According to AFRICOM’s statement, the strike took place approximately 15 kilometers south of Galcad and resulted in the death of several al-Shabaab militants. The operation was supported by the Somali military forces in their efforts to combat the terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, which has been a significant threat to the region.

AFRICOM also emphasized that the airstrike was conducted with precision and consideration to avoid civilian casualties, and it is believed that at least five al-Shabaab members were killed in the attack.

Additionally, AFRICOM confirmed that no civilians were harmed during the operation, ensuring that the airstrike specifically targeted known al-Shabaab militants and did not impact local communities.

The U.S. military has been actively engaged in supporting Somalia’s efforts to counter Al-Shabaab’s insurgency, and it provides assistance to the Somali National Army, including the elite Danab Commandos, in their fight against the militant group.

The U.S. government is combating terrorism in the region and is supporting the efforts of Somalia and its partner forces in their fight against Al-Shabaab. The airstrike aimed to disrupt the terrorist organization’s activities and reduce its ability to carry out attacks in the country.

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