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AFRICOM celebrates 12th anniversary

Djibouti (SD) – The US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) celebrating its 12th anniversary today issued a report on its success and mission in the African continent.

“Today is the 12th anniversary of the establishment of United States Africa Command. The creation of a Combatant Command focused on the African continent acknowledged the growing importance of the region to United States’ national security.  Africa is home to the fastest growing economies and populations in the world, and sits at the crossroads of global commerce and trade. Its strategic importance for the United States continues to grow, as evidenced by Africa’s increasing leadership role on the global stage” in a released statement.

The 12-year-old U.S. command says it will continue to crack down on terrorist groups with the help of friendly African countries.

They said they were working for peace and stability with like minded partners and were committed to strengthening it.

“Africa is a vast and diverse continent rich with opportunity, promise and partnership. U.S. Africa Command remains committed to working with African partners to address mutual security issues through exercises, exchanges, and other engagements. Working together is critical to addressing threats from malign actors and violent extremist organizations, which threaten regional security and present a danger to the U.S. homeland and that of our allies. The strong alliances and partnerships that AFRICOM has forged over the last 12 years are what set us apart from our global competitors, and are more important than ever.”

The Djibouti-based command is tasked with fighting terrorist groups in Africa, but preveously responded to criticism from human rights groups of 53 civilians been killed in US airstrikes in Somalia.

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