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Ahlu Sunna Leader’s son wins a Federal seat in Dhusamareb

DHUSAMAREB (SD) -The election for four seats in the parliament was held today in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galgadud region. 

The first seat in today’s election in Dhusamareb, HOP 139, was won by Abdisamad Moalim Mohamud, the son of the leader of Ahlu Sunna after Hamdi Ali Shire, who was running against him, has forfeited. Abdisamad won by a show of hands of 101 votes, which was the highest number of votes a candidate can receive announced by the Galmudug Electoral Commission.

The second seat in today’s election in Dhusamareb, HOP 049, was contested by four candidates: Mustaf Sheikh Ali Duhulow, who won the seat with 68 votes, Abdullahi Abdi Gutale, who received 21 votes, and Jamilo Ali Heyle who received 5 votes, and Abdinur Isse Hirey who did not get any votes, 3 votes were discarded.

Hussein Mohamed Nur and Mohamed Gedi Awale contested for the third seat of HOP 051, with Hussein Mohamed Nur receiving 81 votes while his opponent Mohamed Gedi Awale received 14 votes.

The fourth seat of HOP 061, was elected by a show of hands to Dayah Ahmed Omar, who received 101 votes from all delegates, after his competitor, Abdikadir Abukar Abdi withdrew.

The election of the seats in the parliament has been in full swing since the National Consultative Assembly meeting, which is in the process of being held on February 25th.

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