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Hargeisa Court Exonerates Journalist Oldon, yet is sent back to detention

HARGEISA-The court in Somaliland’s Marodi-jeh region has today acquitted journalist Abdimalik Muse Oldon, who has been detained in prison in Hargeisa since August 2021.

Oldon’s trial has been ongoing in Hargeisa for the past few months, accusing him of violating his rights to freedom of expression.

“We are delighted this morning that the Marodi-Jeh Regional Court has acquitted Abdimalik Musa Oldon of the charges against him and ordered his release. Thanks to the judge in charge of the case, Hassan Matan, who issued a verdict. ” Oldon’s lawyer Jamal Mandela told reporters.

Abdimalik Muse Oldon was arrested in Burao for spreading rumors about the Hargeisa Cultural Center condemning they have invited same-sex marriage activists during their book fairs and propagating that Abaarso School in Somaliland is spreading the Christian religion. A personal opinion that the majority of Somalilander’s disagreed with.

However the victory was short lived, as the state prosecutor reportedly challenged the court’s decision, sending Oldon back to prison.

Human rights activist are screaming foul, as the move is a clear violation of the citizen’s rights, exposing a judicial malpractice and travesty of justice in Somaliland.

Local and International Human Rights groups repeated called for his release to no avail.

Authorities in Somaliland have repeatedly detained journalist like Oldon, who is also a humanitarian aid worker.

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