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Ahlu Sunna: we want a Prime Minister’s role in Galmudug

Galgadud (SD) – Chairman of Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa, Mohamud Sheikh Hassan Farah in a recent interview with the BBC’s Somali service, spoke of several key issues including the war against Galmudug and talks expected to occur.

Mohamud said efforts have resulted in them leaving the town of Guriel, were they fought a bitter fight against Galmudug and Federal forces.

The ASWLJ Chairman also confirmed that their troops are just in the outskirts of Guriel.

The Ahlu Sunna leader also denied receiving any support from Puntland nor Iran in their fight against Galmudug and Federal military forces.

Moalim Mohamud said they had not started talks with Galmudug state leaders, as part of their agreement in leaving Guriel.

“We can only inter into negotiations with the understanding ASWLJ gets a PM and the other side gets the President” said Moalim Mohamud.

Moalim Mohamud Hassan says they recognize the Galmudug administration led by President Qoor Qoor, However, they had been refused to go to Dhusamareb and Guriel were they are from.

On the other hand, Information Minister Ahmed Shire Falagle has ruled out that the administration is planning to enter into a dialogue with the forces of Ahlu Sunna.

” we never had talks with them, and we do not want to negotiate with them now, we view them as youths that committed an illegal act and we forgive them” said Minister Falagle.

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