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Ahmed Karash Announces Takeover of Puntland Presidency

GAROWE (SD) – Vice President of Puntland State of Somalia and Acting President of Puntland State of Somalia, Ahmed Elmi Osman (Ahmed Karash), says he has taken over responsibility for the administration in the absence of President Said Abdullahi Deni.

The acting President cited constitutional provisions at a time when President Deni is in Mogadishu, reportedly seeking Somalia’s top post.

Mr. Karash said there should be no constitutional vacancy at a time when the regional state is experiencing a difficult period.

“I want to make it clear to the people of Puntland that the country cannot enter a constitutional vacuum, at this difficult time as the people are struggling with widespread drought, economic hardship and youth unemployment in Puntland.” Karash said on a Facebook post.

The statement posted on the vice president’s Facebook page also said that the president could not perform his duties temporarily, which would lead to the transfer of power to the vice president in accordance with the constitution.

There has been no response from Said Deni on the matter so far. But already some analysts are pointing out that this issue may cause a controversy and constitutional conflict in Puntland.

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