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Ahmed Madobe condemns violence in Kismayo

Kismayo (SD) – The Jubaland regional administration has issued a press release condemning clashes between rival clans in West of Kismayo.

The president of Jubaland administration Ahmed Madobe has expressed his dismay in seeing a civil war in the country at this time.

The president’s administration has been widely criticized for failing to intervene in the Tribal conflict.

However, in today’s statement The regional state accused unnamed third party in stoking the tribal fighting in Kismayo.

The clashes in the last few days have killed more then fifty people and injured more since the fighting started.

The Somali Federal Government has condemned the civil war in Kismayo and encouraged the parties to resolve issues through dialogue.

The tribal fighting in Western Kismayo is caused by tribal killings and grazing land dispute.

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