Ethiopian PM Plans to Revive Somaliland and Somalia’s dialogue, ousts Farmajo

Addis Ababa (SD) – The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abey Ahmed is to have a new plan for the Somaliland-Somalia talks and wants Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre lead it.

Sources confirmed for the Horn of Africa newspaper that Prime Minister Abiy recently met with Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre in Addis Ababa and proposed he leads the talks, and that consults with president Farmajo.

Reports also said that PM Kheyre accepted the proposal and shared it with the government in Mogadishu including Somaliland politicians in Mogadishu. The sources also confirming that PM Kheyre and President Bihi discussed the matter via telephone.

The Ethiopian MP’s new proposal has to do with Somaliland sensitivity to Somali President Mr. Farmajo and prefers the prime minister of Somalia to give the talks a shot.

It is reported that President Bihi recently briefed the Speaker of the Somaliland Parliament and the leaders of the opposition parties and promised to provide more details.

PM Abiy Ahmed’s previous attempts to bring President Farmajo to Hargeisa was unsuccessful due to a major opposition from the Somaliland public.

President Bihi is expected to give details on the new dialogue plan and its development process to Somaliland’s stakeholders.

In recent days Somaliland’s traditional leaders have been debating the inclusion of dialogue, though the government has opposed it and threatened them with legal action.

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