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Airstrike hits civilian farmers near Mogadishu

AFGOYE (SD) -Detailed information has emerged regarding an airstrike that occurred yesterday in areas located near the Afgoye district of Lower Shabelle region, resulting in significant casualties.

The target of this attack was members of Al-Shabaab who infiltrated these areas, causing extensive damage to the local population.

Some of the survivors who spoke to the media reported that the attack occurred in the village, where they were residing, destroying houses and resulting in severe injuries and deaths.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that the death toll has reached up to 20 people, with many more sustaining serious injuries. Among the casualties were children and women, some of whom were members of the same family.

The injured individuals have also been transported to hospitals in Mogadishu, particularly Medina Hospital, according to reports.

Finally, a statement has been issued to the federal government urging them to take immediate action and conduct an investigation into the incident.

On another note, the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), which previously stated the airstrike, reported that they have eliminated over 40 individuals associated with Al-Shabaab.

Furthermore, the national army and local security forces have intensified their efforts against Al-Shabaab in recent days, particularly targeting several coastal areas near Mogadishu and other towns in Lower Shabelle region, with some members of the group reportedly planning to infiltrate the capital Mogadishu.

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