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Somaliland: Opposition Parties support MoU with Ethiopia

HARGEISA (SD) -The opposition parties have welcomed the recent MoU agreement reached between Somaliland and Ethiopia following a meeting between the leadership of the two opposition parties and the heads of a government-appointed Joint Technical Committee.

The meeting, attended by the leaders of the opposition parties UCID and WADDANI, aimed to exchange information and provide input on the understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which the committee is working on finalizing.

During the meeting, the committee briefed the top leadership of the two opposition parties on recent discussions that the Technical Committee has held, engaging various segments of society.

They focused on how different sectors of society can contribute their opinions and examples to facilitate the implementation of the crucial agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Party leaders emphasized the importance of the committee’s efforts, sending their messages and suggestions regarding the inclusive nature of the agreement. this comes as Ethiopia is reportedly backing away from Somaliland recognition in order to deescalate tensions with Somalia

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