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Al Monitor: The UAE’s expanded influence in Somaliland will sharpen its rivalries with Turkey and Qatar

Hargeisa (SD) – The administration of Nuradin school in Hargeisa is reportedly behind the arrested some of the students who participated in the protest at the high school in Hargeisa.

Hargeisa (SD) – Samuel Ramani, a journalist who analyzes politics and international relations, has recently wrote about the growing relationship between Somaliland and the UAE government.

In a lengthy article on Al Monitor, the diplomat asked himself the question “What UAE’s growing presence in Somaliland means for its Horn of Africa strategy”

Samuel Ramani, in particular, focused on the significance of the UAE Ambassador to Somaliland on March 17, Abdullah Muhammad al-Naqbi.

“Although the UAE-Somaliland relationship has strengthened considerably since 2018, Naqbi’s appointment could upgrade the economic and security dimensions of this partnership. The UAE’s expanded influence in Somaliland will sharpen its rivalries with Turkey and Qatar in the Horn of Africa and complement its residual network of Southern Transitional Council-aligned militias in southern Yemen.” Observed Samuel Ramani.

Abdullah Muhammad al-Naqbi, a representative of the UAE Chamber of Commerce in Somaliland, said his appointment angered the Somali government, which saw it as a move by the UAE to undermine the territorial integrity of the Somali Republic, but Somaliland sees it as a step towards brotherhood between Somaliland and the United Arab Emirates.

“In the short-term, the prospective expansion of the UAE’s commercial footprint in Somaliland is unlikely to have a transformative impact on the geopolitical struggle that is brewing in the Horn of Africa. A Somali political analyst told Al-Monitor that Qatar would be happy if the federal government “scolds the UAE” and stated that “Turkey won’t lose a lot of sleep on the UAE move, as there is widespread support for Turkey in Somalia.” The analyst also noted that Turkey is returning to its “previous role of non-interference in domestic issues.” This normative position means that even if the UAE uses its expanded presence in Somaliland as a launchpad for deeper relations with the Somali opposition, Turkey will be able to maintain positive relations with any authority that takes power in Mogadishu.” Wrote Ramani.

Samuel Ramani, quoting local media in Somaliland, said the people of Somaliland had high hopes for the UAE-appointed Ambassador for Trade, as part of President Muse’s diplomatic achievements.

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