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Al Shabaab and Ethiopian forces clash in Dinsor district

DIINSOOR (SD) – Reports from Dinsor district in Bay region confirm that heavy fighting broke out there between Ethiopian troops based in the district and Al Shabaab fighters.

The fighting reportedly started with Al Shabaab artillery shelling on the outskirts of Dinsor district where Ethiopian troops are based as part of AMISOM.

Locals told reporters that After the shelling, the Ethiopian troops from the base lashed with Al Shabaab fighters near the base.

Residents heard heavy gunfire between Ethiopian and Al Shabaab forces, and the fighting between the two sides lasted for about an hour, according to reports.

The casualties of the fighting between Ethiopian forces and Al Shabaab are not yet known, and there is no official word from either side regarding the fighting and the casualties.

Al-Shabaab fighters have stepped up artillery and direct attacks on AMISOM and government bases in some districts of the country.

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