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Waaheen Market Traders Express Concern Over Lack of Help

HARGEISA (SD) – Waaheen traders whose assets have been destroyed in the recent fire are deeply concerned about the lack of immediate access to help and funds collected on their behave, according to Foore newspaper.

Many people who used to earn a living in this market seem to be unable to wait for a long-term plan as some poor people have told the media that the only place they can earn a living is on the streets.

The opposition Wadani Party has expressed grave concern over the lack of access to low-income Waheen market workers who need immediate assistance to save their lives.

The Wadani party has called on the government not to wait in implementing a long-term plan to rebuild the market but to provide a much needed and immediate assistance to the victims.

On the other hand, the poor traders in Waheen market, most of whom are mothers, have expressed concern over the consequences of heavy rains as they are currently selling their goods at the Hargeisa Valley.

The Hargeisa municipal government is seen collecting donations and busy clearing the remains of the devastating fire as the victims await for assistance.

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