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Al-Shabaab and the Liyu Police clash at the border

BAKOOL (SD) – Clashes between Somali Ethiopian Regional government forces and Al Shabaab have caused a large number of deaths and injuries, according to local reports.

According to the reports, the war started when Al-Shabaab forces attacked Yeed, Aato and Washaqo areas, all in Bakool, and on the Ethiopian border, where the Liyu Police force are stationed.

The fighting reportedly lasted for hours resulted in specified casualties on both sides and the people of those areas.

According to reports, Yeed district is currently under the control of Al-Shabaab, but retreated from Aato and Washaqo areas.

The reports also say that Al-Shabaab entered and fought in Godgod and Sifaan districts in Ethiopia’s Somali Regional Government.

This is the first time that Al Shabaab has been reported to carry out a direct attack inside Ethiopia

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