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U.S. Senator criticizes Somaliland for undermining press freedoms

WASHINGTON (SD) – One of the Senators behind the effort to establish a relationship between Somaliland and the United States criticized the government’s behavior towards the independent press.

Senator Jim Risch a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the highest Republican member of the Committee said that it is unacceptable to suppress the independent press.

The Senator tweeted his disappointment following Somaliland’s recent announced ban of the BBC in their territories.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'Senate Foreign Relations Commi... @SenateForeign #Somaliland can and should be a stronger partner to the U.S., which is why proposed a bill examining ways to do that. But, it's unacceptable for it to continue undermining #pressfreedom, esp. as it tries to distinguish itself from the region on its democratic record. RSF RSF @RSF_inter inter 1d The ban on the BBC in #Somaliland is completely arbitrary. RSF denounces an unprecedented decision and a grave escalation of the crackdown on journalists in the self- proclaimed independent state. BBC NEWS SOMALI NEWS BBC NEWS BBC NEWS B. NEW BC NEWS B'

The Powerful U.S. Senator’s rebuke should serve as a wake up call for the young democracy quickly detreating to dictatorship.

Somaliland Ban is the latest attack on freedom of expression and press freedoms, a constitutional right in the self declared independent enclave.

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