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Al-Shabaab attacks AMISOM and Jubaland military base in Qoqani

Qoqani (SD) – Heavy fighting between Kenyan forces as part of the AMISOM alongside the Jubaland Darwiish forces and Al-Shabaab fighters took place in Qoqani area of Afmadow district in Lower Jubba region.

The fighting erupted after al-Shabab fighters attacked AMISOM and Jubaland military base in Qoqani, according to locals who spoke to the media.

Reports say the fighting has caused various casualties, with Jubbaland officials reportedly only confirming that their forces defended themselves against the al-Shabaab attack.

Residents said they heard heavy gunfire from both sides, although no casualties were reported, as the fighting was took place at night and at a military base.

There were no official information regarding last night’s fighting in Qoqani.

Al-Shabaab have been recently attacking the government forces and AMISOM bases at night.

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