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Al-Shabaab attacks Kenyan troops while hauling water

KISMAYO (SD) – Reports from the port city of Kismayo confirm that an explosion targeted a Kenyan military convoy between Kodi and Kamboni in Lower Jubba region.

A roadside bomb has exploded near a Kenyan military convoy, reportedly killing unspecified number of Kenyan soldiers and wounding several others.

Witnesses said Kenyan troops who are part of the ATMIS operation were busy filling their water trucks at the time of the blast, adding after the blast, the troops opened fire in several directions, but no casualties were reported.

The sources added that the Kenyan forces returned to their base after conducting a mine clearing operation between Kodi and Kamboni in Lower Jubba region where the blast took place.

Al Shabaab has intensified its attacks on African Union forces in Somalia in recent days

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