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Al Shabaab carries out two bombings in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a restaurant near the Gen. Dhagabadan training camp in Wadajir district.

A statement from al-Shabab said 20 Somali government soldiers trained at a Turkish-run base were killed in the attack.

Al Shabaab said it targeted a gathering of camp guards, in the second suicide attack in Mogadishu in less than a week.

The Somali federal government said the blast killed four people and wounded 14 others, who it said were civilians at a restaurant opposite a Turkish military training camp.

Meanwhile, a car bomb exploded again in Wadajir district tonight, especially near Haji Gabow. The car bomb belonged to a company called Adil, and there were no casualties, except for damage. Somali police spokesman Major Abdifatah Adan confirmed to the media.

Al-Shabaab has recently stepped up its suicide attacks, targeting and killing the director of Radio Mogadishu, Abdiaziz Afrika, and wounding a Somali government spokesman a few days ago.

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