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Al-Shabaab claims to have launched attacks in Kenya

Mandera (SD) – Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a recent deadly attack in Mandera County northeastern Kenya, which targeted a military base.

The attack took place between the villages of Sarman and Dhaaydhaay in Ramo district of Mandera region, according to al-Shabaab’s statement broadcasted on media owned by the militant group.

There has been reports of vicious clashes between Kenyan police and al-Shabaab fighters at the targeted base.

“As a result, the attack had the Kenyan troops defeated and fleeing the bodies of three of their comrades, our troops also took control of a large stash of weapons.” reported the Al Shabaab run Andulus radio.

After the attack, Kenya’s war planes reportedly carried out shelling at al-Shabaab militant hideouts, but reportedly targeted cattle herders in the region.

Al-Shabaab militants have also targeted Kenyan troops on patrol near the village of Darbo-adado, a village in Mandera region.

The Kenyan government have not yet addressed the latest Al Shabaab claims about attacking their troops.

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