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Al Shabaab: electoral delegates and Candidates will be shot on sight

MOGADISHU (SD) – The head of Al Shabaab in Benadir region has announced threats against delegates electing members of the Somali federal parliament.

Al-Shabaab’s plan is to assassinate any of the delegates and parliamentarians, he said, adding that they have been warning people for a long time.

Sheikh Muse Abdi Arrale announced that the plan is to shoot the delegates on sight.

“The movement is committed to and is ensuring that the delegates are targeted, because they have voted to dismiss the Koran, and they have supported a foreign constitution and democracy, so we target whoever is participating ”said the head of al-Shabaab militia in Banadir region.

Somalis need to understand what is at stake, which he said Shabab wants to implement Sharia Law, while, according to him, the government wants to govern the country with a foreign ideology.

Al Shabaab’s statement comes at a time when Somalia’s parliamentary elections are in full swing in the capital and every region.

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