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International Community Calls for Correction and Acceleration of Elections

MOGADISHU (SD) – A press statement issued today by the Somalia’s International Partners addressed the country’s elections.

A statement from the international partners said that they’ve been monitoring the country’s near completion elections, which are now going in a timely and credible manner.

“International partners again underscore the need for procedural irregularities to be addressed in an impartial and transparent manner in order to build confidence in the electoral process and its outcomes. As outlined in the National Consultative Council (NCC) Communique of January, candidates must be free to compete without obstruction. Journalists should be able to report on, and civil society free to observe electoral activities without intimidation. In addition, we call on all leaders to avoid an escalation of political tensions and to ensure that security forces are not used as political instruments.” the statement said

The statement also highlighted that in the National Consultative Council (NCC) communiqué in January, candidates should be free to run unopposed.

“International partners repeat the concern that the 30 per cent quota for women’s representation in parliament is not being met and call for urgent corrective measures to be applied for the remaining seats.” the international partners said.

The International partners reiterated their concerns that the 30 per cent quota for women’s representation in parliament will not be reached, and call for immediate action to rectify the remaining seats.

International partners urged Somali leaders to to conclude the free and fair elections by the deadline.

“Given the 25 February deadline agreed by the January 2022 NCC, partners encourage continued momentum to ensure a credible and urgent conclusion of the electoral process.” the statement said.

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