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Al Shabaab issues statement on Mogadishu attacks

MOGADISHU (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants claimed to have carried out a series of suicide bombings in Mogadishu last to nights.

Al Shabaab attacks in Mogadishu were heard in most parts of Mogadishu and woke people up, terrorizing the city’s residents for two nights in raw.

Al Shabaab said in a statement, that suicide bombings and attacks targeted government bases and camps in Mogadishu and its outskirts.

“Attacks like last night will happen again and again. Our decision is that foreigners will not be able to carry out their plans in Somalia, for the rest of our lives.” said Muse Abdi Arrale, who claims to be al-Shabaab’s governor of Benadir region.

Al Shabaab said its forces took control of Kahda district and other neighborhoods in Mogadishu for a few hours and bogged down government forces.

“Last night, from Kahda to Yaqshid to Hodan, the Mujahideen took full control of the movement of people and vehicles during their operation.” A statement added from Al Shabaab said.

Al-Shabaab attacks caused Kahda district police station to be leveled to the ground, and taking military vehicles from the station.

Last two night’s attacks in Mogadishu were the heaviest in Mogadishu in years, attacking multiple neighborhoods last two night.

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