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Al-Shabaab kills three Kenyan police officers in Mandera

MANDERA (SD) – Three policemen on Friday were killed and three others injured when they were ambushed by al Shabaab fighters in Banisa, Mandera district.

Witnesses said police vehicle carrying at least 15 police officers traveling from Banisa to Mandera was hit improvised explosive device (IED). The blast caused the vehicle to be severely damaged and burned.

According to the authorities, the police launched an operation to pursue the attackers. The officers engaged with the assailants.

Deputy Inspector General of police Edward Mbugua said there were casualties on the side of the attackers and a major operation to pursue them was ongoing.

“There was an attack by suspected al Shabaab militants in Banisa this morning (Friday) near the border and an operation is ongoing to get them,” said Mbugua.

He said the officers had multiple injuries but a reinforcement was on the ground to help.

A witness said some of the injured were in serious condition.

The incident comes in the wake of reports the militants were marshaling bases in parts of Mandera and Lamu counties in readiness for attacks against Kenyan officials.

On Tuesday May 18, the group ambushed a Kenya Defence Forces convoy in Baure, Lamu, killing at least five officials.

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