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Al Shabaab, Liyu Police clashes continue in Afdheer

AFDHEER (SD) – A fierce battles between Al Shabaab militants and the Liyu Police forces of the Ethiopian Somali Regional Government continue in the areas of Afdheer region.

Today’s fighting continued into the night, and both sides are fighting regions along the border of Somalia and Ethiopia, especially in the Afdheer region.

The Liyu police forces reinforcements are trying to isolate the Al Shabaab fighters who launched the attack inside Ethiopia.

Local government officials have claimed they’ve killed unspecified number of militants and took prisoners.

Al Shabaab did not release any info on today’s fighting, but claimed they attacked Liyu police bases yesterday and killed more than 70 soldiers.

it is impossible to know or verify the claimed successes and casualties of the fighting between Liyu police forces, Al Shabaab, and the locals in the region.

The Al-Shabaab attack in Ethiopia is the first of this magnitude and is widely discussed among the public and security circles.

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