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Al-Shabaab reshuffles administration in Middle Shabelle

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants have recently reshuffled their administration in Middle Shabelle region, as Sheikh Yusuf Isse Kaba-kudukade has been fired as the region’s longest-serving governor.

Al-Shabaab has appointed to the position to Abbas Abu Muhumed, also known as Khalif Adale, a long-term member of the group, who is also from Middle Shabelle region, he has held various positions in al-Shabaab for some time.

Sheikh Yusuf Kaba-kudukade has been known as the Al-Shabaab leader in the Middle Shabelle region for almost 10 years, and was a native of that region.

Khalif Adale has previously served as the Chief Financial Officer and Governor of Gedo Region for the group.

Al-Shabaab has not said why it replaced the official, or if it plans to reassign him, the group has recently been reshuffling its top leadership in the country.

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