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Somaliland: Troops attacked at check point near Borama

Borama (SD) – Reports from local media in Awdal region in Somaliland say that an attack took place yesterday on the outskirts of Borama town, causing casualties and injuries.

Gunmen reportedly attacked the checkpoint on the outskirts of Borama, where Somaliland soldiers are stationed, where a fierce fighting between the two sides ensued.

The attacked troops put up a strong resistance against the attacking militia, a senior official in the Awdal region confirmed to local media.
A Somaliland soldier was killed and two others were wounded in the fighting, according to witnesses.

Somaliland forces recently intervened in Borama between two local clan militias who were fighting over land ownership, one of those clan militias is believed to have attacked the troops.

The clan forces that attacked government forces were seen regrouping on the outskirts of Borama, the fear is that the two sides are likely to clash again.

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