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Al-Shabaab responds to NISA on plot to assassinate PM and President

MOGADISHU (SD) – Al-Shabaab responded to an statement from the National Intelligence Service (NISA) that they are plotting to assassinate President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble.

An statement posted on NISA’s Twitter account said the agency had provided information to the president and prime minister of an Al Shabab assassination plot.

An al-Shabaab official who spoke to the media described the NISA statement as ridiculous, questioning when NISA was able to detect a high-level operation by al-Shabaab targeting government officials.

“It’s really funny. NISA did not know when we raided the Federal Government offices and their officers. They did not know when we targeted Yarisow’s compound during a meeting with members of his administration, they did not know when we raided Halane last week.” said the al-Shabaab security official.

Adding “I do not know where they will be able to find out an operation targeting the two most important men in the Federal Government. I can assure you that these men do not have the capacity and capability to know our plans,”

The official added that there was no Al-Shabaab member named Mohamed Mahir in charge of the Roble and Farmajo assassination plot.

The unnamed Al-Shabaab security official added that the timing of the NISA statement is indicative of the rift between Somalia’s leaders and that NISA is planning to assassinate some officials and intends to blame Al-Shabaab.

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