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South West announces severance of election relations with PM Roble

BAIDOA (SD) – The South West State of Somalia has announced that it is suspending its cooperation with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble over election process.

The South West State Government has said that the decision to suspend elected MP’s by Prime Minister Roble is illegal and violates the decisions and agreements reached by the National Consultative Forum.

Southwest state accused PM Roble of personal ambitions, saying that he had in recent times been constantly violating the independence of the Electoral Commissions.

“The South West government is closely following the fact that the Prime Minister has illegally and in a politically motivated move obstructed properly elected seats, and he refused to stop his blatant interference in the elections in the South West.” said a statement from South West.

“The Government of South West shares with the people of Somalia and the International Community that it has suspended its cooperation with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on electoral matters, he has lost the confidence of the country’s electoral leadership which now needs to be rescued,”.

The move follows a recent decision by the National Electoral Commission denying certificates to lawmakers from South West.

PM Roble has not yet commented on South West’s decision to suspend co-operation on electoral issues.

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