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Al-Shabaab returned to areas vacated by the government and Ma’awisley forces

Beledweyne October 02,2022 (SD) – Al-Shabaab reportedly recaptured Moqokori and Yasooma areas in Hiran region of Hirshabelle administration, following the withdrawal of the Federal Government of Somalia and local militias today.

The federal government forces and local militiamen have recently cleared Al-Shabaab from the area just few days ago, after a fierce and deadly battles.

Local residents who spoke to the local media confirmed that the government forces and the Ma’awisley fighters who left the two areas have set up bases in Mahaas and Buulaburte districts of Hiran region.

According to reports, the reason for the withdrawal of the government forces is said to be a dispute between the different leaders of the military in the region.

Efforts led by Hiran Regional Governor Ali Jeyte Osman to convince the army that they remain in the area and that their concerns will be resolved have ended without results.

Al-Shabaab, in a released statement posted on the Internet, claimed that they have completely re-taken control of several areas that were captured by the government forces a few days ago.

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